About Us

About Us

Our vision is to see all children and youth discover and achieve their dreams and grow up to be healthy, successful and active participants in society.


Young people need a safe and structured environment; a place where people work together to create a greater sense of social harmony, a place that keeps them positively motivated about themselves, their community and their future, a place where their minds and bodies can maintain health and happiness. The Boys & Girls Club of Thompson creates and offers this environment.

The Boys & Girls Club of Thompson is a community, grass roots organization, linked with the national movement of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, offering recreational, nutritional, educational and vocational programming to children and youth at risk. The majority of youth accessing programming are high need youth from marginalized families within the community and surrounding areas. The organization is governed by a board of directors drawn from the local representation including, but not limited to the educational, social, justice, health and economic sectors.

I like The Boys & Girls Club because “the workers are all nice and stuff.” I come to the Boys & Girls
Club because “I like to and it’s really, really fun.” “My Favorite activity is free time because I can do whatever I want to, like video games, computers, reading books and playing basketball.” If there was no Boys & Girls Club, I would “probably stay at my mom’s work and it would be totally boring!” My favorite snack that the Boys & Girls Club has to offer is “tacos, I love tacos!”

-Alex, 8

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