Executive Director Job Description

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the Boys and Girls Club of Thompson (BGCT) staff, programs, and execution of the BGCT’s mission, vision and values. The Executive Director leads our Club’s team in the areas of fund development, human resources, financial and risk management, administration, communications, and community and stakeholder relations.

Duties and Responsibilities

General Administration (Day-to-Day Functioning):
• Oversee the day-to-day, efficient and effective functioning of BGCT’s facilities and administration;
• Ensure the Club is properly insured and the facilities are appropriately managed;

Legal Obligations
• Ensure all legal obligations of the Club are met and that legal opinion is sought where required;

• Provide regular reports to various bodies (BGCT Board, BGC Canada, funders, etc).

Leadership & Management:
• Design, support and maintain an organizational design that ensures the BGCT's strategic and operational plans are being met;
• Develop and support operational plans with Program Directors/Staff in their areas of responsibility;
• Ensure ongoing program maintenance, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, communications, and systems; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals;
• Actively engage and energize BGCT volunteers, staff team, Board members, Committees and partnering organizations;
• Lead, coach, develop, and retain the BGCT staffing team. Ensure effective performance and systems to track progress, and regularly evaluate program components, to measure successes that can be effectively communicated to the staff team, corporate and individual members and other stakeholders;
• Continue to support work towards a professional development culture through on-going staff training and individual development plans;
• Provide professional development opportunities to staff;
• Be present and accessible to all employees - recognize performance and motivate staff.

Financial Management:

Financial Planning
• Identify new resources and creating and implementing financial resource strategies;
• Prepare, with the Program Directors, financial forecasts and organizational budgets related to physical, financial and human resources and accounting for control of the resources once approved.

Budget Controls, Audits and Reports
• Ensure the establishment and implementation of financial and administrative policies and procedures to ensure effective, cost-efficient operations of the Club;
• Manage all finances within the budgetary framework (budget control);
• Approve and monitor ongoing expenditures and ensure the Board is aware of surpluses/deficits and any other extraordinary financial changes;
• Ensure the annual audited statements are prepared;
• Regularly report financial information to the Board and stakeholders.

• Provide strategic and operational direction to fundraising planning, identification of potential sources for external funding (e.g. government, foundations, corporations) and the development of funding proposals;
• Oversee the development and implementation of all fundraising campaigns;
• Participate in fundraising activities: annual fundraising programs as well as writing letters, making speeches and presentations, direct solicitations of major donors, and work with the Board, staff and key volunteers on funding and fundraising initiatives in direct fundraising;
• Work with Board members on special initiatives:
• Provide fundraising reports to the Board and its committees;
• Maintain relationships with all major funding sources;
• Ensure appropriate administration of community and government grants.

Human Resource Management:

Policies and Procedures
• Ensure the establishment and implementation of human resource practices and policies which are consistent with BGCT’s values and which observe applicable laws;

Managing Staff
• Lead regular staff work planning within the context of the strategic and annual goals/programming strategy approved by the Board;
• Direct the work of all staff and delegating responsibility for carrying out the work of the Club to appropriate staff;

Staff Relations/Development
• Maintain a climate and culture which attracts, retains and motivates top quality employees;
• Ensure staff are informed of the direction, goals and policies of the Club;
• Ensure staff training and development needs are met;

• Identify staffing needs and ensuring the appropriate recruitment, appointment and orientation of all staff and volunteers;
• Maintain up-to-date position descriptions;

Performance Management
• Ensure job performance evaluations are conducted annually and evaluating the performance of key staff members;
• Deal with performance issues, motivate staff and administer constructive discipline and feedback, as appropriate;

• Prepare and submit to the Board, recommendations on compensation and benefit policies and practices, an annual personnel budget and projected staff resource needs.

Board Member Relations:
Act as a professional resource and provide general support to the Board of Directors:

Professional Resource
• Attend Board meetings, Board committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting;
• Exercise leadership in providing input to the Board of Directors and its committees on direction-setting and strategic and operational planning, key organizational and policy issues related to finance and fundraising, brand development and maintenance, public relations and advocacy, organization structure and utilization, mission and values;
• Report to the Board regularly on strategic and operational issues and ensure that issues of concern to the organization are brought to the attention of the Board, with background information, for discussion.

Board Support/Development
• Administer an orientation and training program for the Board;
• Draft agendas with the Chairperson of the Board and with the Chair of Board committees and ensure logistical support and documentation preparation for all Board and Annual General meetings;
• Ensure monthly reports are concise and information is relevant;
• Maintain appropriate relations with all Board members and various Board committees.

Communications, Partnerships and Community Connections:
• Ensure an effective communications/public relations program and represent the organization internally and externally in a way that advances the organization’s objectives:

• Ensure the planning, development and implementation of an effective communications program that encompasses public education and public engagement activities;
• Oversee the format, content and quality control of all BGCT materials;
• Act as the chief spokesperson for the organization and participate in relevant partnerships and networks.

• Identify, establish and maintain links with the organization’s internal constituency, including: Board, staff, volunteers, contributors, program partners and the target population served by BGCT.

• Maintain positive liaison and ensure effective relationships exist with external stakeholders (BGC Canada, Foundations, Municipalities, etc.) and keep them informed of BGCT goals and policies;
• Maintain relations with and publicly represent the Club’s positions or perspectives with the public, government (municipal and provincial), media, other organizations and sectors;
• Represent the BGCT in public venues to ensure the Club is 'top of mind' and visible;
• Chair or be active in key committees within the City

The Executive Director will be thoroughly committed to the BGCT’s mission, vision and strategic plan. All candidates should have proven leadership, coaching, and relationship management experience. Concrete demonstrable experience and other qualifications include:
• Post secondary education in areas such as Social Sciences, Business Administration, Public Administration, ECE III or Bachelor of Arts in a related field, with at least three years of progressively responsible management and leadership experience in a not for profit organization
• Unwavering commitment to quality programs and services
• Past success working with a Board of Directors with the ability to cultivate new and existing Board member relationships
• Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach staff and manage and develop high-performance teams

• Strong marketing and public relations experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders, including government agencies
• Financial management skills including budgeting, forecasting, and resource development
• Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills

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