Winter, Spring, Summer Break Programs

Winter, Spring, Summer Break Programs

Program- Offered during school breaks, Monday to Friday (please check with our FB page for hour of operation). Similar to the After School program, with a stronger emphasis’s on offsite field trips and experiences (i.e. tours of local organizations, businesses, parks and attractions).

Target Age- School aged children in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Average Attendance- Between 40-60 youth per day, with a maximum of 60 children at any given time.

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I like the Boys & Girls club because “It’s fun” and “It’s a good place to be,” “I can make friends here.” I come to the Boys & Girls club “so I can interact with other people.” My favorite activity at the Boys & Girls club is “when we go to the park and we play grounders.” If there was no Boys & Girls club “I would stay at home and watch TV.”

-Drayden, 12

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