This is our Community Engagement Coordinator Faiza Alabi! Faiza joined us 3 summers ago originally as a member of our Green Team. She has been an activity leader, then became our program cook before accepting her current position. If you need info about the after school program, she's the woman to call!
~Favourite Movie- Fast & Furious series
~Favourite TV Show - Star
~Favourite Music - Rap
~Favourite Food- Pizza
~Favourite Quote- "Love yourself first."
~Favourite Day of the Week - Saturday!
~If you could be any animal which one would it be and why? - A tiger because they are fierce and powerful like me!
~Favourite Colour - Purple
~What is the best part of working at the BGC Thompson? - The best part of working at BGCT is meeting new people and working with amazing kids who teach me something new every day. I also LOVE making slime with the kids!

Faiza Staff

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