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BGC Thompson will be partnering with Luna Soul Candle Co.

Luna Soul Candle Co.

We are so excited to announce that BGC Thompson will be partnering with Luna Soul Candle Co. to shine a little light for youth in the North!

The inspiration behind this brand and candle scents came from the several years Juliana spent living in Thompson! Thompson and the surrounding Northern communities are what she believes to be some of the most beautiful places, and that smell of fresh air and trees is something she has yet to find anywhere else. While Juliana has now relocated to southern Manitoba, the time she spent in Thompson and her interactions with the people there truly made her who she is today.

Juliana has a passion for helping youth and reached out to BGC Thompson because it is an organization that she believes can make a difference in a young person’s life, and that is her ultimate goal.

She makes Eco-Friendly candles using:

🌿Soy Wax
🌿Wooden Wicks
🌿100% Pure Essential Oils only (no harmful chemicals or fragrances)

Juliana will be donating 10% of each sale to our after school and late night programs! Head on over to her Instagram page: to keep up to date on more about her candles and keep watching our page for launch day and information about ordering these great candles!

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