BELONGING: National Day to End Bullying

Published April 30, 2014 16:35


On May 7th, celebrate the one day that belongs.

Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada provide a safe and supportive place for all young people, where every child is listened to, respected and valued in an environment of inclusion and acceptance. Clubs provide a wide range of programs and services that help foster positive behaviours, encourage personal growth and develop their abilities and skills, building confidence and competence.

Belonging to a Boys and Girls Club is often a life-changing experience. Clubs enable children and youth to build healthy, supportive relationships with caring adult role models who have a deeply positive influence on the choices they make.

From "Bullying" to "Belonging"

Young people today not only need, but are looking for, something to belong to. When this sense of belonging is missing, young people can become susceptible to bullying. Bullying behavior persists or worsens when young people have difficulty relating to or communicating with one another. No matter what the reason, all children and youth need support in learning how to maintain healthy, respectful relationships with their peers.

Clubs are already an integral part of the solution and are active in a broad range of anti-bullying activities. Through caring youth-adult partnerships, Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada take a proactive approach in addressing bullying and exclusion by implementing programs and campaigns year-round that challenge these negative behaviours by teaching positive communication skills, acceptance and belonging from the earliest possible age.

Belonging: National Day to End Bullying
May 7th, 2014

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (BGCC), together with our Clubs and partners, recognize that bullying is a growing issue facing Canadian youth. Collectively, we are striving to change the current dialogue about bullying from negative to positive, focusing on our shared belief that by building a young person’s sense of belonging, we can ultimately help to lessen the negative effects of bullying.

To highlight this commitment, CIBC and BGCC have partnered on a campaign designed to increase public awareness of the issue by showing support to all young people who have been affected by bullying, as well as showing support for all anti-bullying initiatives that have been designed to ensure all children and youth feel a sense of safety and belonging.

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