HOPE Forum 5

Published April 11, 2014 14:05

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Hope Forum 5 takes place on April 29 - May 1, 2014 this year and will be offering safeTALK training, world-class presenters, workshops and an opportunity to partner with like-minded individuals working together to promote living life well in the North.

Presenters include:
    "At a young age, Buffy Handel has already made a career as a dancer, choreographer, cultural educator, motivational speaker and successful business woman.  She also has extensive experience in modeling, acting and fashion design.  Having grown up in Manitoba's north, Buffy learned the skills and drive that led her to travel all across the world as a proud ambassador of Aboriginal culture."
    "Kevin works closely with schools and school divisions throughout Manitoba in support of Aboriginal education and the inclusion of Aboriginal perspectives; enrichment and talent development, as well as working with troubled and disengaged students.  Kevin's presentation will showcase programs and strategies that honour the spirit, strength and resilience of youth in the area of mental health and wellness."
    "Brooke will demonstrate and coach basic drawing and painting skills.  She is a long-time member of HOPE North.  Brooke is 20 years old and attending the University of Manitoba.  She is a 3rd year fine arts student and a Bison track and field athlete who has traveled within Canada as well as parts of the U.S.A."

For details about the events of the Forum, please call or email:
Liz Lychuk: (204) 778-6513 ext.1

Jennifer Whalen: (204) 778-1589

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