Two More Programs Offered In The After School Program

Published May 28, 2013 18:18

Power Up!

Homework Club - On site tutoring where children are encouraged to bring their homework with them.
Online Learning and Training - Children learn basic computer skills, while engaging in educational learning activities.
Community Building Activities - Participants share personal stories, discover common interest, and agree to a communal code of conduct.
Literacy - Participants take part in book buddies, sign language and many other literacy activities.
Numeracy - Children learn math-based games, and activities.
Exploring and Building Activities - Participants discover and explore the world around them, uncover ideas, and solve problems, through experimental learning activities.

Cool Moves

Eat Smart
-Learning to use Canada’s Food Guide.
-Learning to read labels.
-Use the internet to learn about the food they eat.
-Show what you know!

Eat Smart is about getting informed about food and nutrition, sharing Knowledge

Play Cool
Play Cool is about getting active and finding a healthy balance between physical activity and sedentary activities.

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