After School Program

We provide snack and supper daily to the participants.

We have variety of activities going on throughout the year. The after school program consists of crafts physical and educational games, relationship building opportunities and much more.

The club is equipped with a Ping Pong table, board games and many colouring items.ou must indicate which days of the week you would like your child to attend. If your a child cannot attend. If your child cannot attend on one of these days, please call and let us know ahead of time. If your child misses 3 times in a month without notification, they will lose their spot for after school program until a spot opens up again.

Pick up and drop off will be at Juniper School to start as that is where the majority of our currently registered club members go to school. This may change as circumstances change. We will be charging for pick up and drop off at the rate of $1.00 per ride as per child. So if, for example, you need your child picked up ad dropped off, the charge for the day will be $2.00. We will be instituting a ticket system where you can pre-pay for rides and your child will be present the driver picking up and dropping off with their ticket for each ride. NOTE: If this is would cause you financial hardship, please contact us as there may be some exceptions on a case by case basis.

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