Life Skills Component

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The Life Skills course has introduced the importance of respect and not to be judgmental towards others. The students have had the opportunity to develop new friendships and gain each other’s trust through sharing circles. Journal writing has given the students a new out look of reflecting and dealing with every day challenges!
The life skills curriculum will also enhance students’ ability to develop meaningful and attainable personal and professional goals and develop their confidence to succeed. Students will also enhance their ability to recognize their individual strengths (gifts) and challenges and become effective problem solvers.
Students will acquire work skills through a work experience placement. This will assist the students in further developing their level of competency in the workplace environment.

  • -Job Readiness Skills/Resumes
  • -Employer Expectations
  • -Identification (SIN/BC)
  • -Addiction Counselling
  • -Parenting
  • -Health Relationships
  • -Conflict Resolution/Mediation
  • -Cultural Awareness
  • -Anger Management
  • -Gang-out
  • -Hygiene/HIV/AIDS
  • -Sexuality
  • -Residential School/Colonization 
  • -Budgeting/Banking

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I Chose Youth Build “because I dropped out of high school” and it gave me the “opportunity to make money and upgrade.” “I've learned I have lots of potential and to grasp every opportunity.” In Youth Build “I enjoyed learning more about my culture, making friends and gaining new connections.” If It wasn't for Youth Build “I wouldn't be working at the BGC Thompson  today.”

-Kelly, 19. Graduated from Youth Build in 2011.

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